Top 5 Benefits of Minimalism

  1. Focus: Keep your eye on the target. Focus on your goals. Focus like a laser-beam. Don’t let everything around you become a distraction. Its easier to concentrate the mind when it’s not being pulled in various directions. The person who travels two roads goes nowhere. Yada yada. You get me. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft. If our time is being spread too thin among many different activities, we’ll never get very far. Unless you’re a super brain like Elon Musk and can manage various massive companies at once. Which I still don’t quite understand. Now, if you're like me, like most people. Usually its best to accomplish one achievement of greatness at a time. Have you ever heard of a famous football player simultaneously be a successful golfer? Unlikely. Because they focused on one pursuit and followed it through to completion. No matter how boring, daunting, repetitive it became. They developed the tough skill of falling in love with their craft over and over again. Once you've climbed that mountain to the top, built that business, mastered that hobby, then its okay to move onto something new. Life is long, we have plenty of time to explore various roads. I suggest taking them one at a time. It takes approximately four and a half years to master a craft if you work on it for six hours every day of the year.
  2. Healing: Heal old energies, let go of the past, of old patterns, ways of thinking and behaving. Create space for what's next, new energy, activities, people, habits, lifestyle. When we maintain attachment to every item that we’ve acquired in the past it becomes a physical manifestation of holding onto what was. Once upon a time, I couldn’t let go of the possessions, including photographs (I used to a photographer) that arrived within my past relationships. I held onto the mementos that reminded me of my connection to such a person, even if they were long gone. This caused me to feel stuck, not wanting or being able to let go. Not able to move on. So then I explored “out of sight, out of mind.” True to a certain degree, but not entirely. Letting go of possessions connected to the past can help heal the weight of time. What if you’re addicted to cigarettes? Well if you let those go, its easier to be removed from the dependency. Versions of yourself that you don’t like anymore? In search of some self improvement? Living with all that junk that reminds you of your old life isn't going to help very much. You must let go of who you were to become who you’re destined to be. Your new life is going to cost you your old one. Does that possession send you back into the past feelings? Let it go, think ahead, move forward. The past is gone and we can never retrieve or recreate it. No matter how long we hold onto that memento or stare into that photograph. It’s gone. Let it pass like a breeze in the wind. A person who is free is brave enough to release themself. Keep in mind that I’m not suggesting you discard every experience in your past, I’m only saying that if something you possess is keeping you chained. Find a way to create some separation from it, even if just for enough time to heal.
  3. Saving Resources: Buy less. Fatten thy wallet. Save the earth and its materials. Whenever I purchase a product, I do my best to acquire it used. I feel strongly that not everyone needs a brand new something. This contributes to depleting the fragile earths resources and perfectly usable products are left behind. The cost of buying something used is often substantially less. Items that I’ve purchased used include: My car (I would never buy a brand new car), an E-reader, and headphones. Mostly these are high priced items, often electronics. I don’t like the idea of a company producing a brand new item for me when there is one out there that can be purchased from someone who no longer needs it. This course of action helps another person, rather than a corporation, and gives the product a second life. No used product left behind. On that note, its worthwhile to sell your items that you no longer use, perhaps its more beneficial to another entity. Nearly everything that I’ve felt “done” with, I’ve sold, donated or gifted to another person. I’ve given away tons of belongings that I felt weren’t going to be used anytime soon. I would drop them off at the local book nook. It was a fun way to get outside, take a walk, and leave a surprise gift for another person to stumble upon. I left a container of legos, bug spray, drum sticks, combination locks and more. Recycle the earths resources, lets not wring the planet dry.
  4. To Fly: Travel swiftly, make moving easier, lighten the load so that you don’t pull a muscle in your lower back. Be free to travel without the responsibility of tons of items. Heavy items can hurt us. Heres a dramatic story for you. I recall it as “Prison Break”. Years ago I was in the process of an escape from a bad roommate. They’d become overly attached to me in an unhealthy way. We’ve all had unfortunate roommate dynamics so don’t judge me. Mind you I was only twenty one and in a new city by myself. While they were out of the apartment, I packed all my possessions into my car as quickly as I could. I wanted to leave without dealing with the drama of their questions and begging me to stay. I raced along, packing my vehicle and panicking that they were going to arrive home at any moment to foil my getaway. In the process of moving heavy boxes and tons of items I injured my back. After which I drove across the country with my affliction. I suffered in pain for months. Perhaps it was karma for my secret escape. The moral of the story is, if I’d only had a small, easy to move amount of possessions. This event would not have been so dramatic, painful and traumatizing. It would have been simple, quick and painless. Also I probably would have gone about my departure more maturely because I wouldn’t have felt as awkward packing my small amount of things then saying “I’m leaving now.” The circumstance of having a lot of stuff to move is what made it difficult to fly. Have you ever seen a bird fly with a massive amount of baggage? Absolutely not. Birds and in fact many animals are more minimalist than humans ever will be. Often people will say that if they had a super-power they wish they could fly. Well I’ll tell you, carrying all that sh*t isn’t going to make it any easier.
  5. Zen Atmosphere: The space around you will become more Feng-Shui. You won’t be walking around your home surrounded by clutter. Your items won’t disappear as frequently. I was nearly driven to the brink of insanity the amount of times I lost an item and couldn't find it. Its maddening. Literally twenty-five seconds ago I had it, now it is no where to be found. Gone. Eradicated from this earth. HOW? Oh wait… there it is lying on my bed. I couldn’t see it. I’m losing my mind. This doesn’t sound very zen now does it? So what is more Zen... Less is more zen. Less colors, less clutter, less mayhem in the mind. I always know where my keys are, because I always have them in the same place. There is no place to lose them. There are no hoards of items to organize after becoming disorganized. The space is basic and simple. It doesn’t need to be Spartan to be Feng-Shui. But it does need to be clean, uncluttered and well-balanced. Energies flowing. The mind is calm. There is no overwhelm of being suffocated by possessions that the marketing pressures coerced you to bring home. So lets simplify. Remove those product labels from your psyche, reduce the amount of rainbow colors that are over-stimulating your vision, let go of all the knick-knacks that draw your precious attention into fifty different directions. Make your home a Zen-Den. It will bring you peace of mind.


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Gunn Lukari

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